Offshore Container Certification: When, Where and Why

A Lloyd's Register Guide

Do you know what regulation governs the approval of offshore containers in more than 160 countries?

Between international treaties, standards, and questions about certifying bodies, the offshore container certification process can be confusing not only for manufacturers, but for buyers and end-users of offshore containers.

Now, Lloyd's Register has put together a complimentary downloadable guide about offshore container certification to provide some answers.

Download the guide today and you'll learn:

  • Which countries require offshore containers to be approved by an approved body
  • The history of offshore container certification
  • Comparisons of popular standards

Who should download this guide?

  • Offshore container manufacturers
  • Offshore container buyers
  • Offshore oil and gas company procurement and quality teams
  • End users of offshore containers
  • Drilling rig owners

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About Lloyd's Register Container Certification Services

Lloyd's Register has been involved in both setting standards for containers and their inspection for almost a half-century. The Lloyd's Register Container Certification Scheme covers common ISO-style containers, tank containers and offshore containers. For more information, visit