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The Lloyd's Register Container Certification Scheme.

Lloyd’s Register has been involved in the creation of standards for containers since the early days of global shipping.

With more than 250 years of classifying ships, it was only logical that the technical expertise and safety focus of Lloyd’s Register should be applied to the containers the vessels were carrying. First published in 1966, the LRCCS has been the benchmark for technical procedures.

The LRCCS combines the three main service areas of intermodal equipment for both new construction and in-service inspection:

  • CSC Containers
  • Offshore containers and equipment
  • Tanks for the transport of dangerous goods

The LRCCS is comprised of the following procedures:

  • Certification of CSC Containers
  • Certification of Offshore Containers
  • Certification of UN Portable Tanks
  • Certification of Tank Containers, Road Tankers & Rail Tankers
  • Certification of UN Portable Tanks to CSA B625
  • Inspection of Dynamic Impact (Rail) Test
  • Certification of BK2 Containers
  • TIR Inspection and Certification
  • In Service Inspection of CSC Containers
  • In Service Inspection of Offshore Containers
  • In Service Inspection of Portable Tanks, Tank Containers and Fixed Tanks
  • In-Service Inspection of Domestic (UK) Tanks
  • In-Service Inspection of Petrol Tankers
  • In-Service Inspection of Bromine Tanks

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